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How to Accurately Square Up Fabric - Guidelines4Quilting

The First Step in any Successful Quilting Project is to
Accurately Square Up Your Fabric.


The goal is to cut just inside the raw edge of the fabric, so that the newly cut edge is aligned with the crosswise grain line of the fabric.

Squaring up Fabric by Guidelinesr4Quilting



A) Fold the Fabric off the Bolt:

- Fold the Fabric Once or Twice: That is the Question.

B) Align Your Ruler(s) up with the Grain Line and Trim the Raw Edge off:

Conventional Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Just One Ruler or Two Rulers.

C) New Super Easy Way to Square Up Fabric that gives you the best of both methods:

1) The Regular Acrylic Ruler Version:

First, slip-proof your ruler with Grip Strips.Then Accurately Connect Two Rulers to Make a Corner Square

2) The Guidelines Ruler Version:

Connect two or three Guidelines Rulers to make a corner square.



A) Fold the Fabric Off the Bolt:

Fold the Fabric Once or Twice. That is the Question.

Squaring Up Fabric by Guidelines4Quilting



The goal here is to fold it precisely so that the grain line on all the layers of fabric are perfectly aligned with each other.

Fold Fabric

Option 1: Fold it in half, so that you can cut it with a 24” ruler.

Start by folding the fabric in half matching the selvedge edges. Then pick the fabric up holding it just by the selvedge edges. If the grain on both layers is aligned, the fabric will drape smoothly.

If the grain is out of alignment, the fabric will twist a little and not hang smoothly. You can adjust the top layer back and forth against the bottom layer until you eliminate any twists in the fabric.

Once you get the fabric to hang smoothly, keep the selvedge edges aligned, lay it on your cutting mat and finger press the folded edge.

Option 2: Fold it twice, so that you can cut it with a 12" ruler.

You can fold the fabric again by aligning the folded edge with the selvedge edges. You’ll have four layers of fabric to manage. Many quilters do this but if you don’t get all four layers aligned accurately, your strips will come out with a slight “V” in it and will be unusable.



B) Align your ruler(s) up with the grain line and trim the raw edge off:

Conventional Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Just One Ruler or Two Rulers.

Like most things in quilting, there is more than one method to square up the edge and there are advantages and disadvantages to each method.

Two Methods - Squaring up Fabric by Guidelines4Quilting



C) New Super Easy Way to Square Up Fabric:

1) The Regular Acrylic Rulers' Version:

2) The Guidelines Rulers' Version:

1) The Regular Acrylic Rulers' Version:

First, Make Your Ruler Non-Slip with Grip Strips:

Attach Grip Strips by Guidelines4Quilting

Then, Connect the Rulers and Square Up Your Fabric:

Connecting two rulers as a corner square gives you many advantages
over using just a single ruler or juggling two rulers that aren't connected:

Super Easy Way to Square Up Your Fabric with Quilt Ruler Connector and Grip Strips by Guidelines4Quilting

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Quilt Ruler Seam Allowance Additions

You can also connect two regular acrylic rulers end-to-end or side-by-side to make a longer or wider ruler. Click here to learn more about the Quilt Ruler Connector™.

Quilt Ruler Connector by Guidelines4Quilting



2) The Guidelines Rulers' Version:

You can use either two or three Guidelines rulers to square up your fabric.

Click here if you want to use 2 Guidelines Rulers to square up your fabric.

If you normally fold fabric just once off the bolt, connect three 6"x12" Guidelines Rulers™ with two Guidelines Ruler Connectors to square up the fabric's edge.

How to Square Up Fabric's Edge with Guidelines Rulers

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It's easier to get straight strips if you only fold the fabric once, but if you're comfortable folding the fabric twice, to four layers, you can square it up with just two rulers.

Square up fabric's edge using two Guidelines Rulers How to Connect Guidelines Rulers



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