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Ultimate Stashbuster by Guidelines4Quilting

Step 1: Cut Pieces Fast & Accurately, Using Just One Measurement Line on the Ruler:

Click on the play button to start the animation.

Scroll down to see Step 2 next.



Step 2: Pre-Trim Triangle Points for Perfect Piecing:

Scroll down to Step 3 when you finish watching the animation.

Why you should pre-trim triangle points by Guidelines4Quilting



Step 3: Let’s Have Fun Arranging the Pieces, using the Color-Coded Breakdown Chart.

The Chart below is included in the Seam Allowance Additions' 8-Page Booklet.

Download the 8-Page Booklet.

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Seam Allowance Additions Manual Page 8

Scroll down to Step 4 when you finish watching the animation.

How to make accurate Half and Quarter Square Triangles

Top Seam Allowance Story Triangle Story Page 2

Grip Strips by Guidelines4Quilting

You can also arrange the cut out pieces, using the Color-Coded Quilt Block
Breakdowns and make Pillow Cases and Table Runners:

Pillow Cases

Want to Custom Size Quilt Blocks to Fit on
Your Pillow Case Surface?
Click Here.


The Ultimate Stashbuster Ideas


Step 4: Sew Accurate Scant Quarter Inch Seam Allowances. Why?

testimonials and reviews Guidelines4Quilting


The Ulimate Stashbuster: A Fun Way to Turn Your Stash into Finished Blocks.

Tools you need for Finished Size Quilting by Guidelines4Quilting

Finished Size Quilting Sets also let you do all of the techniques below:

Finished Size Quilting by Guidelines4QuiltingtransperanttransperantHow to make accurate triangles by Guidelines4QuiltingtransperantAccurately Pre-Trim Triangles and Sew a Scant 1/4" Seam AllowancetransperantHow to custom size quilt blocks by Guidelines4Quiltingtransperant

Save $2 to $15 on Finighsed Size Quilting Sets by Guidelines4Quilting

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