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Perfect4Pattern Sets by Guidelines4Quilting

Step-by-Step Instructions by Guidelines4QuiltingINTRO Step 1: Goal of Squaring Up Your FabricStep 1 Step 2: Folding fabric 101Step 2 Step 3: You’re ready to square up the edge.Step 3 Step 4: The 3-Guidelines-Ruler Super Easy Way to Square Up Your FabricStep 4 Step 5: You're ready to start cutting strips and squares.Step 5 Step 6: Sew the pieces together with a consistent seam allowance on the grain line.Step 6 Step 7: Sew Accurate Scant ¼" seam allowances, using the Prep-Tool and a Seam Guide.Step 7 Step 8: The Prep-Tool takes guesswork out of sewing and pre-trimming triangle points.Step 8

Perfect4Pattern Sets Let You Do All This:

How to Square Up Your Fabric Using Guidelines Rulers by Guidelines4QuiltingHow to cut pieces accurately using Guidelines Rulers by Guidelines4QuiltingHow to sew accurate scant quarter inch seam allowances by Guidelines4Quilting

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