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How to attach Quilt Ruler Addition

Download 8-Page Booklet:

QR-SAA Booklet by Guidelines4Quilting

Use with regular acrylic rulers you already have
Seam Allowance Additions for regular acrylic rulers by Guidelines4Quilting Triangle Additions by Guidelines4Quilting Seam Allowance Additions for Half Square Triangles by Guidelines4Quilting Seam Allowance Addition for quarter square triagnels by Guidelines4Quilting

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The Seam Allowance Additions are sold separately or included in our
Finished Size Quilting Sets that let you make traditional blocks any size you want.

Finished Size Quilting by Guidelines4Quilting

The Finished Size Quilting Sets also include the Prep-Tool that lets you sew
an accurate scant ¼" seam and trim triangle points.

Prep-Tool by Guidelines4Quilting

How to sew an accurate scant quarter inch seam by Guidelines4Quilting

Attach Quilt Ruler Additions to the edge of the rulers

Accurate Seam Allowance Amounts - Guidelines4Quilting


Want to cut pieces more accurately and faster?
Click on the image below for our New Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit.

The Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit by Guidelines4Quilting



Quilt Ruler Additions vs Triangle Additions

Quilt Ruler Additions and Triangle Additions

Download Printable Version of 8-Page Booklet Download Instruction Sheet

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How to use Seam Allowance Additions with your 6 1/2" rulers by Guidelines4Quilting


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