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Testimonials & Product Reviews

Donna Thompson - Merritt Island - FL
The Grip Strips are THE BEST! They make cutting accurate regardless of the fabric, slippery or not; they hold just where you place and press down lightly on your ruler yet will slide across the fabric to move on to the next cut without picking up the ruler. What a great help they are for rapid cutting. I have fallen in love with these grip strips.

Linda Roetman / Zimmerma - MN
"I had ordered a set of these Grip Strip a few months ago. I love them!...There's nothing more frustrating than having the ruler move or shift when you are cutting fabric! It's a wonderful invention.

I have used the little sandpaper circles or the clear plastic circles, but haven't been pleased with them.

So, this order is another order for myself and for my three quilting friends who want to have them for their rulers. I know they will love them as I do. I put them on my 24-inch ruler and my 14-inch ruler. I have some other rulers I want to put the strips on, and will probably order more in the future.

You have many other products that I want to take a look at and see what else I can use. Your web site is really great..."

Sheila Kester's post on
Make your ruler no-slip
"I am about to bust with joy at the new item I found! This is a strip that you add to your ruler to make it no-slip. I can't believe how good it works. Even on my 6 x 24 ruler. ...It is called Grip Strips and boy does it ever work good!!

... There is no more walking your hand as you cut!
I am telling all the ladies that I quilt with. I showed it to a lady that works at the store where we all meet and quilt and she was immediatly impressed. I even talked to a complete stranger about them...

Oh, by the way, they are clear so they don't hinder your reading of the ruler and they peel right off if you need to move them. Boy, did I ever get wound up, but I am just so impressed I had to share. Read the entire comments."

Betty Curran - Siletz, OR

"...just a note on your Grip Strips. At last you have given us a tool that honest to goodness works to keep our rulers from slipping. I was a little bit dubious when I ordered one but as you can see I ordered 4 of them today. It is more than worthwhile. One of them is going to my daughter but the Mama gets the other 3. Thanks so very much and I should've known they would work because I have your rulers and I am swinging on a star now. I had an auto accident a couple of years ago and it left me with only one leg. It has been very difficult to cut a piece of fabric But NO More. Can't thank you enough."

Terry Chase - Winter Springs, FL
"Grip on ALL rulers, and are a godsend on square rulers where precision is everything. ... Also, since they raise the ruler slightly, you can
easily work them over bulky seams that need to be cut...”

Jane Carhart / Morris, IL
"Your Grip Strips are amazing. I saw your ad, ordered a pack, tried them one time and ordered more. I have Grip Stripped every ruler I own.

I worked in a fabric store and have tried every product I could fine to keep my rulers from slipping. Nothing worked until I found Grip Strips! I have told friends they had to get some – and they love them.

Then my husband needed to hand cut some vinyl for a decal business we own, so I gave him my ruler with Grip Strips. He was amazed. He discovered the ruler worked on the truck he was lettering. I think he is going to try and steal my rulers!

I will be ordering Grip Strips for his rulers soon. These truly are the best thing that has happened to the quilting world in years."

Marie White - Auckland, New Zealand
"When visiting Houston Intl Quilt Festival in November, I purchased some of the Grip Strips and they are everything you state they are.. Absolutely awesome to have rulers that don't wander when cutting. Great product!"

Peggy Villanueva - Newport News, VA
"The Grip Strips have changed my quilting life! Don't know how I did without them. Am working on doing all my rulers with them. Thank you so much."

Cynthia Hoisington - NC
"I ordered your Grip Strips before Christmas and they are wonderful! I've tried every available product to keep my 24" ruler from slipping out of place and last...something that works. I sure appreciate some smart person's ingenuity."

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