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Testimonials on Guidelines Rulers & Connector

Eileen Kukich - El Paso, TX
I cut over 1200 6x3 rectangles for 5 lap quilts. I was able to do this in about a week with no waste of my material. I am so pleased with this Ruler. I also have Grip Strips on all of my regular rulers.

Mary-Ruth - San Antonio, TX
"I am traveling across country. I already use the 24" package and just love it. It and my 1/4" paper piecing ruler are just about the only ones I use. I have replaced almost all my rulers with yours.
Thanks, Mary-Ruth"

Arlene - The original message posted
at the bottom of this page on

"I recently purchased two of the 12 inch rulers and the connector so that I can easily pack and carry a 24 inch ruler to my classes. It seems to be working great! I can put them together as one long piece, or as a right angle to square up the edges of a quilt. I love the fabric guide so I can set the strip width and then cut without too much fuss! I would highly recommend this product!"

Kelly Jones - Montgomery, AL
"I love your ruler and attachments for the 1/2, 1/4 square cuts! Last June I was in an auto accident where I de-gloved my left hand....this made it almost impossible to use a rotary blade and ruler to cut...ONLY your system has made this possible again for me.
Thank you SO much for your products!!!!!!!!"

Jackie, the Whimsicals Mom - Lafayette, IN
I really love the ruler! It does not slip at all. I have tried numerous brands of rulers, with varying degrees of success as far as slipping goes. I have hand problems, and this ruler makes a big difference in more "finger walking" down the ruler and straightening the edge of the fabric. Your web site is great also..simple to visit and informative. Thanks for a great product!"

Margaret -Scotland
"Last night, I cut the strips for binding my quilt and the ruler worked wonderfully - no slipping! "

Leslie Oscarson -Fair Oaks, CA
"I just wanted you to know how much I love my Guidelines ruler. ... At a local Sewing Festival I bought my own and will never look back! It's easy to use and accurate - and no slipping! Thanks again for inventing this jewel!"

Susan Melanson - NC
"I am a person who cannot draw a straight line with a ruler. I am equally inept when cutting fabric. ...
So let me tell you what I think of your product; IT IS WONDERFUL! ... I set the rulers for the size strip I wanted, and to my amazement, the ruler did not slip and the strips were perfect. I am left-handed and this product easily worked for me. .."

Wanda - Hemet, CA
A friend of mine asked me to help her cut some strips for a class we were taking and there were quite a few to be cut. She had an AccuCut® and it took me quit a while. I was really tired by the time I got home, but decided to cut mine out with my new Guidelines ruler. It took me only half the time to cut the same strips for the class and it didn't tire me out nearly as much. I have since used my Guidelines4Quilting's system several times and I just love it. Great work!"

Stephanie - Hockley, TX
"I bought your ruler at the International Quilt Festival in Houston two years ago, and I use it all the time. I just wanted you to know how much I love my ruler and that I just took it to class with me, and everyone fell in love with it. Thanks for making my job easier."

Leni - Santa Ana, CA
"I have to say I love your ruler. I teach sewing at All Brands, Moores and Sew Vac and I will be showing it. It is the best!!!!!!"

Cristy Adamski - WI (her first comments)
"Thank you for the ruler. I just finished a quilt top. I tried it out and I have to say . . . W-O-W!!! I will NEVER use another ruler again!!!! This is amazing! I absolutely love it. My cuts are much more accurate as the ruler doesn't slip at all and I can cut out pieces so much faster with the marker in place. This is the coolest invention ever. I can't believe I waited so long to try it. What was I thinking!"

Cristy Adamski - WI (her second comments)
"I made a quilt for my nephew for his graduation present this year. I used your new ruler and love it. I literally got the entire quilt top done in 2 days!!! Makes things go amazingly fast."


Cecile Lewis - Minneapolis, MN:
"...Last night I spent a considerable amount of time on your website really reading through the instructions.  The information I needed was all there.  Well presented, easy to understand and thorough.  Thank you.
I am now using your (now mine) ruler and I am really pleased! Matter of fact, your ruler is so stable and easy to read, I have almost dispensed with the fabric guides (smile).

There is a very large and diverse family of different brands and styles of acrylic rulers on the wall of my design room. The money I would have saved had your product existed when I began quilting would buy a whole lot of cloth! I am using your ruler right now to cut a large assortment of strips for a scrap quilt and the wonderful thing I can report is LACK OF FATIGUE

The ruler really does not slide at all.  Very little pressure is needed to keep it in place.  Also, it really is easier for me to read.  Lack of strain on my left (rulerholding) hand and shoulder, coupled with the fact that my eyes aren't worn out trying to see the numbers and tick marks is what I hoped this ruler would do for me.  Wow!  Those benefits are enough for me to feel that my $$ were well spent! 
Thank you for a well designed product.  I hope you do well in the marketplace."

Barbara - Millbrook, NY
"I absolutely love the Guidelines ruler and have told every quilter I know about it. I plan to ask Santa for the Prep Tool, Seam Allowance Attachments and any other goodie I hear about between now and Christmas."

Irene - United Kingdom
"...Many thanks for the 6"x12" ruler and guide... I am delighted with it. This ruler is a perfect size and the guide for the material is a very good idea. Best wishes,"

Maria Hrabovsky / Maria Michaels Designs - Ontario, Canada:
"The more I use your ruler the more I love it. There's no way I'd want to be without it now and I still look forward to the day you make it in other sizes as well.

Yesterday I had to cut out a lot of HSTs for a baby quilt commission and the quickness, ease of use, and accuracy of the Guidelines ruler is sheer pleasure, besides which I had them all cut out and ready to sew in a fraction of the time I would spend with any other ruler!"

Judy Miller - Eagle River, AK
"I cut out over 200 2½" squares today using your ruler. It took me 2 hours. If I had done it with a regular ruler, I’d still have some to cut tomorrow. This is the first time I have used the ruler and I am amazed."

Libby Wheeler - Ontario, Canada
"I have to tell you how pleased I am with my new rulers, which I received this week after ordering online. I was surprised to receive them so quickly after ordering.

I can't believe how simple they made the cutting process. Using the two rulers made it easy to cut 8" squares, divide them into 2 ½" strips, and then turn them into nine-patch blocks in a matter of minutes.
I was amazed.

Since I love to use up scraps, these new rulers will make the process of cutting small pieces a breeze. Thank you for providing this wonderful quilting tool"

Libby Wheeler - Ontario, Canada
"This is the second time I have written to comment on how much I enjoy your self-aligning rulers. For the past few days, I have been cutting small scraps into squares. I set each guide differently, thus I had four measurements: 1 1/2”, 2”, 2 1/2” and 3”. It was so easy just to measure the scrap for the largest possible square, and then cut--with no slipping!. I now have hundreds of squares ready for scrap quilts. Thank you again for creating these rulers! "


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