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    Testimonials - Grip Strips

    Save on Grip Strips Combos

    And Stop Your Rulers and Templates from Slipping!

    Donna Thompson
    Merritt Island - FL

    "The Grip Strips are THE BEST! They make cutting accurate regardless of the fabric, slippery or not; they hold just where you place and press down lightly on your ruler yet will slide across the fabric to move on to the next cut without picking up the ruler. What a great help they are for rapid cutting..."

    Betty Curran
    Siletz, OR

    "At last you have given us a tool that honest to goodness works to keep our rulers from slipping. I was a little bit dubious when I ordered one but as you can see I ordered 4 of them today. It is more than worthwhile."

    Marie White
    Auckland, New Zealand

    "When visiting Houston Intl Quilt Festival in November, I purchased some of the Grip Strips and they are everything you state they are.. Absolutely awesome to have rulers that don't wander when cutting. Great product!"

    Peggy Villanueva
    Newport News, VA

    "The Grip Strips have changed my quilting life! Don't know how I did without them. Am working on doing all my rulers with them. Thank you so much"