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Guidelines Rulers by Guidelines4Quilting
Guidelines Ruler by Guidelines4Quilting Guidelines Ruler comes with an Angle Line Marker Guidelines Quilting Rulers are Connectable. How to Square Up Your Fabric Using Guidelines Rulers Guidelines Ruler is Unbreakable, Unchippable and Un-Nickable. Guidelines Rulers are Non-Slip becuase of Built-in Grip Strips Built-in Fabric Guides by Guidelines4Quilting
Guidelines Ruler Set Options by Guidelines4Quilting

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Guidelines Ruler and Connector

Click here if you want a connector for your regular acrylic rulers.

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Guidelines Ruler by Guidelines4Quilting

How to Square Up Fabric and cut accurate strips and squares using Guidelines Rulers

Guidelines Rulers are also included in our Finished Size Quilting Sets that let you:

Finished Size Quilting by Guidelines4Quilting

Testimonial - Guidelines Ruler

Click Here for More Testimonials.

No Slipping Guaranteed
No More Wasting Time or Fabric!

No more wasting time by having to find a line by eye over and over again
or wasting fabric by cutting on a wrong line.

Guidelines Ruler with Built-in Fabric Guides

No More Sticky Tape or Line Markers That Fall Off:

The adjustable Fabric Guides are built-in, and unlike tape, they leave no sticky residue. They also lock onto the ruler at the dead center of every line, so they won't fall off or even move until you unlock and move them to another line.

Built-in Fabric Guide

More on how to set the built-in Fabric Guides on the Ruler:

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Fabric Guides are made of durable ABS plastic.


The best way to set the Fabric Guides is to move it back and forth with your fingers underneath the ruler as shown below. That way you can feel as it passes over the lines underneath the ruler.

Guidelines Ruler with Built-in Fabric Guides

When you get to the measurement line you want, wiggle the guide a little and press up until you feel it lock fully up into the measurement line. Then rotate the Locking Lever down to lock it in place.

How to set the Fabric Guide



No Slipping Guaranteed

No More Finger Walking Down the Ruler As You Cut:

Grip Stris on Guidelines Ruler

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Grip Strips for regular quilt rulers by Guidelines4Quilting



Guidelines Rulers are Connectable.

Scroll down to watch the instructional Animation and Video that
show how to connect two rulers or take them apart.

Guidelines Rulers - Connectable

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Note: Guidelines Connector is for Guidelines Rulers only.
If you want to connect regular acrylic rulers, click here for Quilt Ruler Connector.

Make a 6" x 24" when needed, but take them apart and they will fit in a small bag or drawer or even in the case with your sewing machine. Connecting as a corner square makes it easy to square up fabric's edge.

Guidelines Rulers are Connectable.

Make a 3-Foot Ruler with Guidelines Rulers and Connectors

Top Guidelines Connetions Kit Guidelines Connections - Make 12" Square Ruler Purchase Page


Guidelines Rulers are Unbreakable.

No nicking the edge of the Guidelines Ruler's edge with a rotary cutter's blade or No Chipping its corners guaranteed. Made of Polycarbonate, the Guidelines Ruler is 25 times stronger than acrylic rulers.



Angle Line Marker

Every Guidelines Ruler comes with an Angle Line Marker.

Insert it onto the indentations on the surface of Guidelines Ruler. It reminds you which angle line you're working at the time.

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How to use Angle Line Marker



Download Guidelines Ruler's Product Sheets

Gudelines Ruler Product Sheet transparentGuidelines Ruler Connector Product Sheet



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