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    From the manufacturer

    Eliminate errors that occur when relying on the human eye. Our tools assist in 1) straightening the fabric edge before cutting, 2) cutting precise strips, squares, and triangles, and 3) sewing them together with accuracy.

    Quilt Ruler Connector / Handle: Made of Virtually Unbreakable Polycarbonate - Left-Handed Friendly - Premium Suction Cups & Built-In Handle

    Connect your 12" & 24" quilt rulers as a corner square to square up your fabric the super easy way.

    Built-in Lip-Edge and Alignment Tabs make it easy to accurately align and connect acrylic rulers that are the same width.

    Use it as a handle on a ruler or a template.

    Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit: Mistake-Proof & Slip-Proof your 12" & 24” quilt rulers (or 12½" & 24½") - Cut faster and more accurately - For both right & left-Handers 

    The Kit includes six clear, self-adhesive Grip Strips to slip-proof your 12" & 24" rulers, two textured strips that lock the middle of the 24" Guide in place when lining up and cutting, and two Fabric Guides that clip onto your 12” and 24” rulers.

    Cut accurate strips with your 24” ruler, and then cut those strips into squares with your 12” ruler. No Guesswork, No Slipping, just perfect results.

    Clip-on the Fabric Guides underneath your 12" & 24" quilt rulers. The Guide's edge catches your fabric's edge for instant, accurate alignment.

    Accurate ¼" starts with a scant ¼".

    The Super Easy Seam Guide Setter takes the Guesswork out of Achieving Precise ¼” Seams.

    The Set comes with 1 Seam Guide Setter (4¾" x 1¼" x 1/16”) and 6 Seam Guides (2"x½").

    Hook the Setter onto the needle of your sewing machine. Press it down in place and it will be aligned at the precise distance from your needle to achieve accurate ¼” seam allowances.


    Remove the Setter, and guide your fabric against the Seam Guide to sew accurately.