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    Differences Between Connectors

    We Have Three Types of Connectors:

    Guidelines Ruler Connector
    for Guidelines Rulers Only

    Quilt Ruler Connector / Handle
    for regular rulers of the same width

    Handle/Multi-Width Connector for
    regular rulers of different widths

    Currently Unavailable

    Guidelines Rulers are Made of Polycarbonate.

    The difference is Guidleines Rulers are made of virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate. That lets us put holes and slots in the Guidelines Rulers that you could not put in regular acrylic rulers because acrylic is much easier to crack, chip or break.

    Both are designed to connect rulers that are the same width.

    If the rulers are the same width and you line the edges up on this side...



    The lips on the Connectors line the edges of the rulers up on the side you won't be cutting on.

    ...the edges on the other side will also be lined up.


    So, the edges on the side, that you will be cutting on, will also be perfectly lined up for smooth cutting.

    To make it easy to line the connector up straight.

    When you attach the connector to the first ruler it needs to be lined up perfectly straight before you can connect it with the second ruler. The Alignment Tabs on the Quilt Ruler Connector butt up to the edge of the ruler making it easy to attach it perfectly straight.

    Note: The Guidelines Ruler Connector automatically lines up straight when you slide the locking tabs into the holes on the first ruler.

    It works better with rulers that are different widths.

    When rulers are different widths, like a rectangle and a square, you can only line the edges up straight on one side and you normally wouldn't want the lip edge on the side you lined up straight.

    It's easier to attach at any angle.

    The fact is you can use all three of them as an Open Hand Handle. But the Guidelines Ruler Connector only works with Guidelines Rulers, and the Quilt Ruler Connector has a Lip Edge. The Open Hand Handle is just easier to attach to any acrylic ruler or template at any angle that is comfortable for you.

    To use the Quilt Ruler Connector as an open hand handle, you just need to make sure that the Lip Edge is off the ruler.

    It’s easier to attach the Open Hand Handle at any position that is comfortable for you.

    Yes you can.

    But it is easier with the Guidelines Ruler Connector and Guidelines Rulers or the Quilt Ruler Connector using regular rulers.

    When you connect two rulers as a corner square, the Lip-Edge and Alignment tabs on the Quilt Ruler Connector make it easier to get it perfectly aligned on the first ruler.

    Then you can butt the second ruler up to the edge of the first ruler and the Lip-Edge so it’s easier to get them both at a perfect right angle.

    You can use the Multi-Width Connector but you’ll only have the first ruler to butt the second ruler up to.

    It doesn’t matter if the measurement lines are lined up as long as the rulers are at a perfect right angle.

    But you do have to be more careful that the entire edge of the second ruler is butted up against the edge of the first ruler so it’s at a perfect right angle.

    Replacement Suction Cups & Handle for

    Connectors for regular acrylic rulers:

    3-Pack Suction Cups with Locking Tops

    3 Repacement Suction Cups: $2.99

    To Replace a Worn or Damaged Suction Cup

    Replacement Handle

    Repacement Handle: $0.99

    Angle the Handle, so you can push the hook on one side through the loop on top of the Connector. Then straighten the Handle as you push the hook on the other side through.

    You'll have to twist it a little, but do the same thing to hook it in on the other end.

    How to Make the Suction Cups Hold Longer

    If you need the suction cups to hold longer, get them wet.

    If the surface of your ruler is clean & free from scratches

    Suction cups work by creating a vacuum when you press them down. They will stay attached until air leaks in.

    That's why you want to make sure your ruler is clean and free of scratches so it can create a tight seal.

    If you put a drop of water on them, the water will keep air from leaking in until it completely evaporates. With a drop of water on them they can hold for several days.


    Suction Cups & Handle

    3-Pack of Replacement Suction Cups
    with Locking Tops

    3 Repacement Suction Cups: $2.99

    To Replace a Worn or
    Damaged Suction Cup,
    follow instructions below: