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    Differences between Guidelines Rulers and the Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit

    You can connect two Guidelines Rulers end-to-end to make a 6"x24"

    Both Include

    Grip Strips


    Fabric Guides

    The Difference is




    Includes everything for both 12" and 24" regular acrylic rulers.

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    Grip Strips, Fabric Guides & an Angle Line Marker.

    Crystal clear Grip Strips, shown in blue below, come attached along each long edge underneath the Guidelines Ruler.

    Two 6” Fabric Guides come attached through slots in the Guidelines Ruler. You can slide and then lock them onto the measurement line you want.

    The Fabric Guide's edge catches the fabric's edge for perfect alignment.

    An Angle Line Marker that lets you mark 30º, 45º or 60º angle lines on the Guidelines Ruler.

    Everything you need to Mistake-Proof & Slip-Proof
    your 12” & 24” regular rulers.

    *** Also works on 12½” & 24½” rulers ***

    Six crystal clear self-adhesive 11¾” long Grip Strips to slip-proof your rulers.

    Two Clip-on Fabric Guides to mistake-proof your rulers.

    Two 5”x ½” self-adhesive
    Guide Lock Strips for your 24” ruler.

    Peel & stick Grip Strips on your 12" & 24" rulers.

    Peel crystal clear Grip Strips (11¾” long) off the brown backing paper.

    Peel and stick Guide Lock Strips underneath your 24" ruler.

    Guide Lock Strips keep the long, 24” Fabric Guide, from shifting in the middle no matter how much fabric you butt it up against.

    If you get a new 24” ruler or have more than one to begin with, you can get extra Guide Lock Strips here.

    Attach them underneath your 24” ruler, and the 24” Fabric Guide will stay straight on the line you set it to no matter how much fabric you line up to.

    Stretch and clip them on the ends of your rulers.

    1) Slide one hook onto one end of your ruler.

    2) Stretch the Guide and slide the other hook straight onto the other end of the ruler.

    3) Once attached, you can slide the Guide to the measurement line you want.

    Grip Strips and Fabric Guides are the same thickness.

    With Grip Strips on your ruler, everything will be level
    and just a little pressure will lock your ruler in place while cutting.

    They do the same thing but They Are Different.

    Because Guidelines Rulers are made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate they have built-in versions rather than the add-on versions in the Upgrade Kit.

    Polycarbonate is 25 times stronger than acrylic. This lets us put holes and slots in the Guidelines Ruler that you would never put in an acrylic ruler because acrylic is much easier to chip or break.

    The Fabric Guides in Guidelines Rulers come already attached through slots that you can slide them back and forth in. Once you slide them to the measurement you want, you can lock them in place.

    If you put slots in the acylic most other rulers are made of, it would make them too weak around the slots and be even easier to break.

    Another advantage is that the measurement lines on Guidelines Rulers are raised and the Fabric Guides lock onto them ensuring accurate alignment.

    That's why you don't need the Guide Lock Strips that come with the Upgrade Kit to keep the 24" guide from shifting on regular acrylic rulers.

    Either way, you’ll cut much faster & more accurately with no fatigue.

    If you don’t already have rulers, travel a lot or have chipped or broken your rulers before, we recommend connectable, unbreakable Guidelines Rulers with everything built-in.

    If you already have 12” & 24” regular acrylic rulers, the Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit might be a good choice for you. The kit works with any standard 1/8" thick acrylic rulers.

    Guidelines Rulers travel well.

    You can take two 6”x12” Guidelines Rulers and a Connector that will fit anywhere and connect them to make a 6”x24”, 12” square or corner square when needed.

    Taken apart, they will fit in a small bag or even in the case with your sewing machine if you go to quilting retreats. They will also easily fit in your carry-on luggage on a flight.

    The Guidelines 2-Ruler Set

    You can connect the two 6”x12” rulers as a 6”x24”, 12” square or corner square.

    Sold out

    The Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit
    You’ll have everything you need to mistake-proof & slip-proof the 12” & 24” rulers you already have.

    Sold out

    Adding the Prep-Tool helps to sew the pieces together accurately.

    Both Guidelines Rulers and the Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit let you set a Fabric Guide to the measurements a pattern gives, making it easy to cut accurate pieces.

    The Prep-Tool lets you set a Seam Guide at a Scant 1/4" on your sewing machine making it easy to sew the pieces together accuratley.

    Perfect4Pattern Sets with Guidelines Rulers or the Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit include the Prep-Tool and Seam Guides.

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