Put These 1/2" High Finger Guards Between You and the Rotary Cutter

Easy to Attach - Easy to Remove

11 3/4" long by 1/2" high (2 count)
Made of virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate

Sold out

Ruth Wesseling - Belmont, MI
"On Monday I cut the side of my left index finger and part of the nail and nailbed off with my rotary cutter. It is extremely painful, ... For way less than the cost of my co-pay for going to the ER, I could have prevented this accident by having Finger Guards on my rulers.

Don't think you are careful enough for this not to happen to you, I WAS being careful, or so I thought. I urge everyone to get Finger Guards for every ruler they have.

Tammy - Walters, OK
"...Loved it, used yesterday and did not feel the need to take the extra couple of seconds to make sure my fingers were out of harm’s way. Thanks for providing such a good and affordable tool."

Yes, if you center them on your 14" or 18" rulers, you can still keep your hand behind the barrier while cutting.

If You Need the Suction Cups to Hold Longer, Get Them Wet

If the surface of your ruler is clean & free from scratches

Suction cups work by creating a vacuum when you press them down. They will stay attached until air leaks in.

That's why you want to make sure your ruler is clean and free of scratches so it can create a tight seal.

If you put a drop of water on them, the water will keep air from leaking in until it completely evaporates. With a drop of water on them they can hold for several days.

3-Pack of Replacement Suction Cups with Locking Tops

3 Repacement Suction Cups: $2.99

To Replace a Worn or Damaged Suction Cup