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    How to Connect Regular Rulers of Different Widths Using Handle / Multi-Width Ruler Connector

    How to Connect Rulers of Different Widths

    • Made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate.

    • Attaches firmy with four suction cups at any position that is comfortable for you.

    • Locking Tops lock the suction cups in place but can be removed if you ever need to replace them.

    • Built-in flexible handle.

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    1) Line the edges up by eye or butt them up against something straight like another ruler, the edge of your cutting mat or a wall.

    Check out the Quilt Ruler Connector to connect rulers that are the same width.

    2) Attach the connector with two suction cups on each ruler.

    3) Be sure and hold the rulers right where they’re connected when cutting or marking along the connected edges.

    4) To take them apart, hold one ruler in place, and lift the other ruler up & away until the suction cups release.

    Put Grip Strips on your rulers and it will be much easier to hold them in place.

    Binding your quilt is so much easier if it's perfectly square.

    The secret to a quilt that lays or hangs perfectly flat is
    to make sure your top is perfectly square with precise 90º corners.

    With one Multi-Width Connector, you can connect a square & a rectangle to square up a much larger portion of your quilt top than with a single ruler alone.

    With two Multi-Width Connectors, you can connect a square & two rectangles to make sure your entire quilt top is perfectly straight and corners are exactly 90º.

    Put Grip Strips on your rulers and it will be much easier to hold them in place.

    If you need the suction cups to hold longer, get them wet.

    If the surface of your ruler is clean & free from scratches

    Suction cups work by creating a vacuum when you press them down. They will stay attached until air leaks in.

    That's why you want to make sure your ruler is clean and free of scratches so it can create a tight seal.

    If you put a drop of water on them, the water will keep air from leaking in until it completely evaporates. With a drop of water on them they can hold for several days.

    Replacement Suction Cups & Handle

    3-Pack of Replacement Suction Cups with Locking Tops

    3 Repacement Suction Cups: $2.99

    To Replace a Worn or Damaged Suction Cup

    Replacement Handle

    Repacement Handle: $0.99

    Angle the Handle, so you can push the hook on one side through the loop on top of the Connector. Then straighten the Handle as you push the hook on the other side through.

    You'll have to twist it a little, but do the same thing to hook it in on the other end.