What's Super Easy About the New Seam Guide Setter

New Super Easy Seam Guide Setter

It's Super Easy to put a Seam Guide in the slot.

Just peel the backing paper off of a Seam Guide and put in the slot.

  • With the Seam Guide held in the slot, it won't stick to your fingers as you try to line it up.
  • The Seam Guide will be held pefectly straight and at just the right, scant 1/4", distance when you hook the Setter on your needle.
  • The Seam Guide will stay perfectly straight when you press it down onto your sewing machine.

It's Super Easy to hook it on your needle.

Just butt the Setter up against your needle and slide it down until the needle slides into the hook.

  • You don't have to try to poke the needle into a little hole.
  • With the Seam Guide held in the slot, you can make sure the Setter is straight with one hand and then press the Seam Guide down onto your machine with the other.
  • Lift it up and away and the Seam Guide will be set at a precise scant 1/4" from your needle.


It's Super Easy to sew an accurate scant 1/4" seam allowance.

The Seam Guides are just the right height to guide your fabric.

  • The fabrics edges will butt up against the edge of the Seam Guide.

  • You can rest you finger on top of the Seam Guide so the fabric stays right on it's edge without jumping over.

  • It's just the right height to hold our finger just above the fabric so it will stay aligned as it runs freely alsong the guide and under your needle.

It's Super Easy to set the Seam Guide
in the right place on your machine.

Every sewing machine is different and every sewer is different.

  • It won't matter the shape or size of the presser foot you like to use because you can because you can adjust the position of the Seam Guide in the slot.
  • It also won't matter if you like to adjust your needle position because the Seam Guide Setter sets the Seam Guide at the exact distance from the needle, wherever it's positioned.

Before peeling a Seam Guide off of the backing paper you can see how far forward in the slot it needs to be for your machine.

  • Put a Seam Guide in the middle of the slot.
  • Hook the Setter on your needle.
  • Slide the Seam Guide until it is exactly where you want it to be when sewing.
  • You can then put a mark on the setter to make it easy to set it at the same distance everytime.

Cut the Seam Guides for top loading bobbins.

Test it first then remove paper and insert in setter.


Line up more guides.


Space guides apart at 2 1/2"