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FAQs - Grip Strips

  • Six 11¾" Long Crystal Clear Strips

  • ¼" Wide and 1/16" Thick

  • slide easily over your fabric when lining up, but just a little pressure will lock your ruler in place while cutting.

  • Self Adhesive on Brown Backing Paper, Just Peel and Stick

  • Repositionable, Removable Adhesive that Leaves No Sticky Residue

You want Grip Strips on any edge you’ll be cutting on.

On rectangular rulers like a 6” x 12” or 6”x24”, you definitely want Grip Strips all along the edge you’ll be cutting on so it will solidly grip your fabric right where you are cutting.

You’ll also want Grip Strips all along the opposite side so everything is level and it will grip your cutting mat solidly locking your ruler in place when you cut.

You will usually cut on all four sides of a square and on all the sides of a template, so you’ll want Grip Strips on all the edges.

On a template like this, you’ll usually never cut on the short edges so you only need Grip Strips on the long, wavy edges

Attach Grip Strips right up to the edge for a nice clean cut.

Attach Grip Strips all the way up to the edge of your rulers or templates so there is no space between the edge of the Grip Strips and the edge of your ruler.


You want Grip Strips to solidly grip your fabric while cutting so you want them all the way up to the edge.

If you don’t put them all the way to the edge, your fabric can shift and ripple a little as you cut.

Yes they are.

If you don’t get them right on the edge the first time, they peel off easily without leaving any residue.

If they aren’t all the way to the edge or a little beyond it, just peel and adjust.

You can, but the adhesive will wear out eventually.

If you move the grips from ruler to ruler eventually the adhesive
will start to get lint or oils in it that will cause it to quit working.

You’ll never wear them out.

The material, the Grip Strips themselves are made of, will last a lifetime,
but there are things that can cause the adhesive to wear out.

If you travel a lot, depending on how you pack them,
the Grip Strips may get shifted out of place by other objects.

It's easy to re-align them but eventually that can wear the adhesive out.

Also extreme heat, like being left directly in the sun, can wear the adhesive out.

You Really Don’t Want to do That

One reason Grip Strips work so well is that they solidly grip your fabric right where you are cutting. If you cut them up, there will be space between them where your fabric is not being gripped and you might not get a clean, straight cut.

One exception to putting Grip Strips all the way to the edge

is if Grip Strips make you ruler too thick to fit in your ruler rack.

If Grip Strips make your ruler too thick to fit into the slot in your ruler rack, you can put the Grip Strips on the side you don’t cut on, in a little bit from the edge.

So if you cut on only one side of your rectangular rulers, you can put the Grip Strips on the opposite side, in far enough from the edge, so that it will still fit in the slot of your ruler rack.

Make sure Grip Strips are all the way to the edge of the side you’ll be cutting on.

You can put them far enough from the edge on the side you won’t be cutting on so you can still put your ruler in a rack.

Yes you can.

This Is one time you may want to cut them up into smaller pieces.

If you are using them on a machine quilting ruler, the more edges the better, so cut them up and spread them out on machine quilting rulers.

Yes, they make it much easier.

Because Grip Strips concentrate the force on the edges of your ruler, half the pressure will be concentrated on your fabric right where you are cutting. You’ll find it’s much easier to hold your ruler in place and get clean cuts even with multiple layers of fabric.

Without Grip Strips, all the pressure is directly under your hand. It gets harder and harder, with each additional layer of fabric under your ruler, to keep it from slipping and get a clean cut.

So glad you asked, yes they do!

Because with Grip Strips the pressure is all on the edges of your ruler or template, working over bulky seams is a breeze.

Without Grip Strips, a bulky seam can make the ruler even harder to hold in place.

Terry Chase - Winter Springs, FL
"Grip on ALL rulers, and are a godsend on square rulers where precision is everything. ... Also, since they raise the ruler slightly, you can easily work them over bulky seams that need to be cut...”

Grip Strips are about 12" long and a pack will be enough to slip-proof both 12" and 24" rulers:

Peel crystal clear Grip Strips (11¾” long) off the brown backing paper.

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Yes. You can cut them easily with a pair of scsissors or a rotary cutter.

Just guide a strip along the curved edge of any template with your fingers. It's very easy to mold them into shape.

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Jane Carhart - Morris, IL

"Your Grip Strips are amazing. I saw your ad, ordered a pack, tried them one time and ordered more. I have Grip Stripped every ruler I own.

I worked in a fabric store and have tried every product I could fine to keep my rulers from slipping. Nothing worked until I found Grip Strips! I have told friends they had to get some – and they love them.

Then my husband needed to hand cut some vinyl for a decal business we own, so I gave him my ruler with Grip Strips.

He was amazed. He discovered the ruler worked on the truck
he was lettering. I think he is going to try and steal my rulers!

I will be ordering Grip Strips for his rulers soon.
These truly are the best thing that has happened
to the quilting world in years."

Yes. If you already have Grip Strips on your 12" or 24" ruler, you'll also need to put a Grip Strip on each edge of your Quilt Ruler Seam Allowance Additions or Plus 2.5" Add-On. That way, everything will be level when you cut.

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