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    Guidelines Ruler: Previous Version vs. Current Version

    The latest version of the Guidelines Ruler was released on
    May 1, 2018

    Two Great Improvements Made with the New Version:

    1. One-Piece "Slide & Snap" Fabric Guide:
      A simpler one-piece Guide instead of two piece built-in Guides on the previous version that is also tinted in light pink.

      You can use a new Guide on your previous version.
      Click here to see how to remove the Guides from the previous version of the Ruler you have, or to place an order for the new Guide.
    2. Clip-On Finger Guard:
      Adds a 1/2" barrier to help you protect your fingers while rotary cutting. Fits on the previous version. Order one here.


    The rest of the great features are the same:

    Click here to learn more.

    The New Version

    comes with new, improved:

    "Slide & Snap Fabric Guide"

    Also, "Clip-On Finger Guard" is included
    for safer rotary cutting

    The Previous Version

    comes with
    Two-Piece Fabric Guides

    Click here to see how to remove these two-piece Guides from the previous version of the Ruler you have, or to place an order for the new Guide.

    The Fabric Guides are Interchangeable:


    Want to try the new, one-piece " Slide & Snap Fabric Guide "
    on the previous version of Guidelines Ruler that you have?

    See how to remove the two-piece Fabric Guides:

    • Simply remove the two-piece Fabric Guides from the previous version as in the instruction on the right.
    • Then, press the extensions on the new, one-piece "Fabric Guide" into the slots from underneath the Ruler.

    Buy a new one-piece Guide below:

    Sold out

    Remove the bottom Fabric Guide the same way.

    Using the new "Slide & Snap" Fabric Guide is simple:

    New, improved Guidelines Ruler comes with
    a Clip-On Finger Guard for safer rotary cutting.

    Tabs on the Clip-On Finger Guards clip into holes in the Guidelines Ruler.

    Clip-On Finger Guards and the Connector are designed to work together.

    Put a half inch high protective barrier between your fingers and the rotary cutter. Save 20% and get a new Clip-On Finger Guard for your previous version of Guidelines Ruler.

    Sold out

    Clip-On Finger Guards are easy to remove so you can easily switch to using Seam Allowance Additions with Built-In Finger Guards for Finished-Size Quilting.

    Everything else is the same:

    Click here to learn more about the new Guidelines Ruler.

    • Fabric Guide locks into grooves underneath the Ruler
    • Non-Slip with built-in Grip Strips
    • Made of Polycarbonate, Unbreakable & Un-nickable
    • Connectable with the Guidelines Ruler Connector
    • Comes with an Angle Line Marker to mark angle lines
    • Left-handed Friendly

    The previous versiion of the Ruler itself (the main body slightly tinted in pink) is absolutely identical with the new version. So, you can purchase the new version and connect it with the previous version, using the Guidelines Ruler Connector.