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    What Is Finished-Size Quilting?

    It's the way quilters used to make everything using simple finished sizes.

    Did You Know

    quilters used to be able to make blocks any size with no math?

    They never threw away
    empty cereal boxes.


    Because the cardboard was perfect for making templates.

    They opened up the cereal boxes and
    simply drew the sizes of the pieces they needed.

    If they needed 3 inch pieces, they just drew 3 inch squares,

    and divided them into half and quarter square triangles if needed.

    Then they added 1/4" seam allowance all around,

    and cut them out to make the templates.

    They could make 2", 3" or 4" templates to make this block finish at 6", 9" or 12".

    In fact, patterns never even used to include measurements. 

    The answer is...

    ...today, we use rotary cutters and rulers instead of making individual templates.

    It's a lot faster & easier than cutting around templates with scissors.

    But it made adding the seam allowance a lot more complicated.

    It's easier to cut straight strips with a ruler, but you can't just add 1/4" to the strip.

    Now, you have to add 1/2" to make squares and even more to make triangles.

    It's easy to see why adding 1/2" works when cutting squares from strips.

    It's more complicated when you cut half or quarter square triangles.

    If you only add 1/2", you won't have any seam allowances on the diagonal edges.

    When rotary cutting, these are the amounts everyone adds today:

    Wouldn't it be great if you could cut with the speed & accuracy of a rotary cutter, but go back to making everything based on simple finished sizes.

    That's exactly what Finished-Size Quilting with Seam Allowance Additions lets you do.

    Finished-Size Quilting Set with Guidelines Ruler, Seam Allowance Additions & Prep-Tool

    Seam Allowance Additions let you make everything
    based on Simple Finished Sizes.

    When you cut along the edge of the Seam Allowance Addition,
    you automatically add the seam allowance you need to the finished s
    ize you want.

    Finished-Size Quilting Sets combine the speed and accuracy you get with rotary cutters and rulers...

    ...With the No-Math simplicity of traditional quilting.

    Click here for set options with 1, 2 or 3 Guidelines Rulers.

    Click here for set options that you can use with the regular 12" & 24" acrylic rulers you already have.

    Check out the animation below to see how you can make blocks
    any size you want based on simple finished size measurements.

    Seam Allowance Additions not only make it simpler,
    they also let you make more accurate triangles than using a ruler alone:

    Ever Wondered Why

    you have to trim your triangle squares down to the right size?

    Triangles come out slightly larger than squares when you use a ruler alone.

    You Might be Surprised

    to hear that you can't add the precise amounts of seam allowances for triangles, using a quilt ruler alone.