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    Grip Strips & Combos

    Donna Thompson - Merritt Island - FL
    "The Grip Strips are THE BEST! They make cutting accurate regardless of the fabric, slippery or not; they hold just where you place and press down lightly on your ruler yet will slide across the fabric to move on to the next cut without picking up the ruler. What a great help they are for rapid cutting. I have fallen in love with these grip strips."

    Sheila Kester / Clearwater, KS

    "I am about to bust with joy at the new item I found! ... I can't believe how good it works. Even on my 6" x 24" ruler...they are clear so they don't hinder your reading of the ruler and they peel right off if you need to move them. "

    Terry Chase / Winter Springs, FL

    "Grip strips are terrific. They help on ALL rulers, and are a godsend on square rulers where precision is everything. ... Also, since they raise the ruler slightly, you can easily work them over bulky seams that need to be cut."

    Grip Strips make your rulers and templates much easier to use.

    Grip Strips

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    Grip Strips also make
    a lot of our other tools work a lot better.

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    Combo 1: Grip Strips / Open Hand Handle

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    The Open Hand Handle by itself...


    …gives you complete control of your ruler when lining up.

    Adding Grip Strips to your ruler…

    …gives you complete control when cutting without ever having to move your hand.

    Combo 2: Grip Strips / Quilt Ruler Connector

    Sold out

    Making a Corner Square with the Quilt Ruler Connector…


    ...makes it Super Easy to Square up Your Fabric.

    Adding Grip Strips to your rulers…

    …makes it easy to keep the rulers perfectly aligned as you square up the edge of your fabric.

    Combo 3: Grip Strips / Upgrade Kit

    Sold out

    The Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit…


    ...lets you Mistake-Proof
    your 12" & 24" rulers,

    And includes enough Grip Strips to Slip-Proof your 12" & 24" rulers…

    …but you’ll probably still want more Grip Strips to Slip-Proof any squares and templates you have.

    Perfect4Pattern Set for Perfect Piecing

    Sold out

    Square up fabric the super easy way, keep it square, and sew accurately.

    The Seam Guide Setter helps to sew the pieces together accurately.

    …but you’ll probably still want more Grip Strips to Slip-Proof any squares and templates you have.

    Grip Strips:

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    Grip Strips / Handle combo:

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    Grip Strips / Connector combo:

    Grip Strips /
    Upgrade Kit combo:

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